Saturday, August 28, 2010

Up Early

This week has been a rough one!  However, it started out well.  We went on our first and only camping trip this summer with our church.  We had a really lovely time besides not sleeping super well.  We came home Monday and by Monday evening I was getting sick.  I had a stomach bug until Wednesday, not fun, not fun at all!

Thursday I finally went to the doctor about this sinus headache that I have been suffering with for 3 weeks.  She diagnosed me with a sinus polyp.  She has be taking a decongestant, nasal spray/steroid, and antibiotic.    I loath taking medicine but loath this headache more!  She suspects that this treatment won't work...ugh!  She thinks I may have to go on another week of steroids if that doesn't work have a CT scan.  I told her that I was VERY sure the first round of treatment would work.  Steroids and I don't get along!

This morning...well I hardly consider 3:30am morning...Megan woke up with the same stomach bug I had. I feel for her because she has it BAD but she was going to get to go to the Fish Festival today and get to meet Jeremy Camp.  We have some good friends who went to college with him and that is how Megan was going to get to go.  They have a daughter that Megan is very close with.  When Megan was getting sick for the second time she realized she was going to miss out on the concert it really bummed her out. hasn't been the best week around here.  I am praying next week doesn't have sickness ruling the stage.  I pray it is full of homeschool preparations and deep house cleaning!

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