Tuesday, August 31, 2010






I have been setting aside jeans that the kids have out grown or have ripped the knee's out of this year in hopes that I can make some Christmas presents this year out of our trash.  These are some of the idea's I found on-line this evening.  Some look easier than others.  I feel inspired and I feel Christmas approaching fast.  However, school is starting soon so we will see if I can do can get started sooner rather than later.  

Jell-o disaster


I have been struggling with discouragement today, my headache is at its worst and the doctor hasn't returned my call for two days.  Megan has also struggled in her own way with discouragement because she isn't healing as quickly as she was anticipating.  Buddy and Emma are antsy and want to play but...it is raining outside and Megan and I aren't too exciting.  So I tried to cheer up the household with a jell-o mold.  Jell-o is happy and fun and silly and easy on a weary tummy.  I made the jell-o and let it set up for 5 to 6 hours.  I thought that would be enough time and then some.  It seemed firm.  

As I was about to release the jell-o from the mold I had a brief momentary thought, 'maybe I should look up online how to do this before I try'.  But I thought, 'how hard can it be anyway?'  Apparently, it isn't the easiest thing and it needs to set for longer than I thought.  I had been fighting back tears off an on for over an hour when I tried this.  The reason's for my tears was pure frustration with this episode of nasal pain.  So at this moment a success in the mold meant more to me than...just ordinary jell-o.  It was a release of my inability to resolve this pain.  

Back to the mold.  In my mind I thought if I filled the sink with boiling water and submerged the mold it would melt slightly and release.  I place a plate on top of the mold and flipped.  Out came cherry red jell-o water all over the counter, dripping down the cupboards, and onto the floor.  Tears jumped to my eyes as quickly as the thought of bursting out in laughter.  Jell-o is a happy thing after all.  The jell-o didn't end up looking beautiful on the plate.  I didn't get the satisfaction of doing something well but...I did get a different perspective.  I was able to salvage some of the jell-o and I don't think these weeks of laying low with the headache are a complete loss either.  God uses ALL things for his glory, even a jell-o disaster, and weeks of pain.  

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Up Early

This week has been a rough one!  However, it started out well.  We went on our first and only camping trip this summer with our church.  We had a really lovely time besides not sleeping super well.  We came home Monday and by Monday evening I was getting sick.  I had a stomach bug until Wednesday, not fun, not fun at all!

Thursday I finally went to the doctor about this sinus headache that I have been suffering with for 3 weeks.  She diagnosed me with a sinus polyp.  She has be taking a decongestant, nasal spray/steroid, and antibiotic.    I loath taking medicine but loath this headache more!  She suspects that this treatment won't work...ugh!  She thinks I may have to go on another week of steroids if that doesn't work have a CT scan.  I told her that I was VERY sure the first round of treatment would work.  Steroids and I don't get along!

This morning...well I hardly consider 3:30am morning...Megan woke up with the same stomach bug I had. I feel for her because she has it BAD but she was going to get to go to the Fish Festival today and get to meet Jeremy Camp.  We have some good friends who went to college with him and that is how Megan was going to get to go.  They have a daughter that Megan is very close with.  When Megan was getting sick for the second time she realized she was going to miss out on the concert it really bummed her out.

So...it hasn't been the best week around here.  I am praying next week doesn't have sickness ruling the stage.  I pray it is full of homeschool preparations and deep house cleaning!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Peach Pie

Today I made a peach pie.  I am not a baker or pie maker but occasionally the urge will hit me to make something.  I saw peaches on sale at Winco earlier this week and got some to try to remake a peach pie that my mom made when I was a kid.  I have thought of this pie often over the years and have longed to replicate it.  So today was the day to attempt this.  My peaches were ripe and we are heading out of town to go camping and I knew my peaches wouldn't wait for me.  This headache I have been nursing was at its friendliest level so I decided to go for it.  I knew my energy level wasn't up for making the crust so I used a store bought crust and bought a puff pastry for the top.

It was simple to make especially when I had Emma to help me.  The problem came when we went to eat it. The peaches had a really metallic taste to them and I couldn't even eat the peaches.  I didn't let the whip cream or crust go to waste however.

Even though it didn't turn out how I anticipated it I am glad that I got to spend some time with Emma in the kitchen.

Monday, August 16, 2010


I haven't blogged in a bit because I have been suffering from a some headaches.  They hit in the afternoon and unless I take something I cannot function, blah!  So writing hasn't been super appealing to me or easy for that matter.  So if you think of me could you pray that these headaches cease?  I think my family would appreciate me getting back to normal too!  Thanks!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Family Time

Rick, my father in law,  lives in San Francisco and comes home every other weekend if he is lucky.  So every other weekend we try to have a small family get together.  Here are a few pics from our last family get together.  
Anaconda squeeze!!!
We've got some kissin' cousins!  
Elizabeth has the cutest laugh, I can almost here it when I look at this picture!
Olivia is shy and oh so sweet!!!
Our men!!!
Uncle with his guy! 

Blackberry Jelly Complete!

Steaming pot of water, Melanie, and oh...jelly!

Heather stirring up the yummy goodness!
Our jars in a warm bath waiting for jelly
This is the juice we got from the berries.  From this juice we made the jelly.  
Dad rubbing Mom's back.  It has been a loonngg day!  
A close up of all the yummy goodness!  

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blackberry Jelly


Today, my mom sister and I made 15 batches of blackberry jelly, which equals 56 jars.  We started working at 10am and finished at 7.  I all tuckered out but feel so blessed to have been able to do this!  I have longed for this day for more years that I can recollect.  It was a delight to do and the hard work was worth it.  I may have only gotten to keep 19 of the jars but...I am still grateful.  We won't be eating store bought jelly for a while.  I may try my hand at it one more time!  We shall see.  There isn't that much summer left and there is so much to do! ! !

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I have already mentioned here before how Jason has a special story time with the kids.  I am bringing up again tonight because I just wanted to mention that because of his story time it has helped me set a time away each evening to blog.  It is nice to have a set time when the house is quiet and my day is coming to an end before I am too tired to see straight.  I recently started another blog but this one is just for me.  It is kind of like a diary of sorts.  It is so nice to have a place to lay down my thoughts and record where God is taking us.  Unfortunately, I am not always able to mention all the details here.  So when it is a time that I need to remember the day privately I take it there.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Quilt (s)

A few months back...ok several months back I began making a quilt.  When I started it I was still very much struggling figuring things out and reading, see me if you want more details.  So needless to say I made an error or two along the way.  I made up the pattern and just picked out fabrics I liked and didn't think about the quilt as a whole until I started trying to put it together.  This works for some people but for me...not so much!

I began experiencing some panic about it because I realize the quilt wasn't really 'me' and I was investing a lot of money and time into it.  I wanted it to be 'me' especially if it was going to be on MY bed.

About 3 weeks ago I was approaching what I thought was the end when...a fatal mistake was discovered.  And no I am NOT being too dramatic.  My mom graciously had drawn out the pattern I came up with for me and told me she only drew it until it started repeating.  I didn't put this info in the part of my brain that can be accessed easily so...I didn't remember.  I made the quilt all the way up to the first repeat which is about a 1/3 of the size it needed to be.  This would have been fine if I had enough fabric to make it but I didn't, ahhhhhh.

I contemplated making into a twin size for Mel but the pattern would have run the wrong way and the fabrics I chose weren't pre-teen material.  So...I am making three baby quilts out of my 1/3 of a queen, haha.  Truth be told they are much nicer as baby quilt than it would have ever been as a queen.

Isn't that how God works.  We head in one direction thinking we are doing one thing and disaster strikes and something better is made of it than we could have ever figured out in the first place.  I have about a dozen expectant mom's in my life, no joke, and I have been trying to make a gift for each one.  These quilts are going to be a nicer gift than a pair of baby booties any day.  At least I think so.    NOW

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Grateful For This Time

On Monday Jason took the day off work and we ripped up the floors and I painted.  So all week...ok...three days we have been living with particle board floors and exposed tack strips.  It has felt like living in a construction zone.  I have even more empathy for my friends who have lived in a 'work in progress' much longer than I have.  Our routine is all off and it has led to sleepless nights for me.  Weird I know, but what can I say, I'm weird.

This evening we got the most exciting call, I have received all week, that our carpet will be installed in the MORNING.  No more dining in the living room at a card table.I think the kids will be kind of sad to have things back to normal because they have enjoyed having things all mixed up for a while.  Me...not so much.  

However, I am over the moon thrilled to be privileged enough to have the opportunity to be able to do some home improvement projects.  God has richly blessed us with a home and the ability to make it a little more 'us'.  We've waited many years to be in a construction zone, so I am grateful for this time.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

'Blog Worthy' or 'Not' That Was The Un~Asked Question

Ok...I haven't been able to figure out why I haven't felt good about anything I have blogged recently and I finally figured out why.  I have gotten so used to facebook this blog has turned into a glorified facebook.  I will make a concerted effort into making my blog post more 'blog worthy'.

In Church

This morning in church I was struck with the thought that I haven't captured a picture of Buddy cuddling with the family.  He cuddles with everyone especially if they have bare skin showing.  He loves to lay against bare arms and legs.  This morning he was sucking his thumb and had his arms wrapped around Megan's legs while playing with a sticker book on the floor during the sermon at church.  This was only my first attempt at many to capture him snuggling the family.  He moves so fast and I want a candid shot.  My strong desire to capture this is because I know it isn't going to last forever.  Just like I know he won't be sucking his thumb forever either.  So hopefully soon I will have a post of him cuddling with someone.  :)