Friday, February 5, 2010

Where have I seen God's grace today???

Where have I seen God's grace today???

To be honest today hasn't not been the easiest of days. I have been feeling overwhelmed and nervous about upcoming events. The to do list seems longer than attention span. My kids weren't terribly excited about doing school today which resulted in more moments of conflict than I would like to recount.

All these things and more caused me to search for God's grace in this day. My concerns about upcoming events haven't completely gone away but I have had the wonderful opportunity to talk through them with my husband who pointed me to a scripture that I had never read in the way he shared with me. It both challenged and convicted me. The to do list didn't get done and I did get distracted many times but...many things did get done. The kids did learn today somethings were academic and other things, the more important things were taught too. Today was one of those days where He was here guiding me and walking me through those not so easy moments but His presence was very subtle and at times I missed it. Many of situations I felt like I blew it but I also deeply feel His forgiveness and love. What an amazing gift of grace, His forgiveness.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Learning to find God's grace

I have come to see that giving grace is next to impossible unless I understand the grace that has been given to me from God through his son Jesus. So I am setting out to look for area's I see God's grace. I am praying as I see and come to know his grace more personally that it will be made real in me and that I will see it working in my life.

Today, I felt that I saw His grace in so many ways. One of the ways I saw His grace was in the way God is meeting out family's needs. God provided for our family in such a way that it was undeniably God. He has a way of showing us He hears and listens that feels like a loving and gentle kiss. I am so very grateful for His eyes looking upon me and my family.