Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jell-o disaster


I have been struggling with discouragement today, my headache is at its worst and the doctor hasn't returned my call for two days.  Megan has also struggled in her own way with discouragement because she isn't healing as quickly as she was anticipating.  Buddy and Emma are antsy and want to play but...it is raining outside and Megan and I aren't too exciting.  So I tried to cheer up the household with a jell-o mold.  Jell-o is happy and fun and silly and easy on a weary tummy.  I made the jell-o and let it set up for 5 to 6 hours.  I thought that would be enough time and then some.  It seemed firm.  

As I was about to release the jell-o from the mold I had a brief momentary thought, 'maybe I should look up online how to do this before I try'.  But I thought, 'how hard can it be anyway?'  Apparently, it isn't the easiest thing and it needs to set for longer than I thought.  I had been fighting back tears off an on for over an hour when I tried this.  The reason's for my tears was pure frustration with this episode of nasal pain.  So at this moment a success in the mold meant more to me than...just ordinary jell-o.  It was a release of my inability to resolve this pain.  

Back to the mold.  In my mind I thought if I filled the sink with boiling water and submerged the mold it would melt slightly and release.  I place a plate on top of the mold and flipped.  Out came cherry red jell-o water all over the counter, dripping down the cupboards, and onto the floor.  Tears jumped to my eyes as quickly as the thought of bursting out in laughter.  Jell-o is a happy thing after all.  The jell-o didn't end up looking beautiful on the plate.  I didn't get the satisfaction of doing something well but...I did get a different perspective.  I was able to salvage some of the jell-o and I don't think these weeks of laying low with the headache are a complete loss either.  God uses ALL things for his glory, even a jell-o disaster, and weeks of pain.  


Stephanie said...

You are amazing Ang, I would be on the floor bawling LOL. Love you and are praying for healing (FAST!!!)

Erin said...

Great Attitude Ang! I am so sorry you are still in pain!